Howto: Configure settings on a new live site

Author: Denny Brown Last modified on: January 22, 2014 1:14 pm
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See also “Howto: Take a dev site live”.

Dev sites are usually configured to be less visible than a live site should be. This article provides a checklist of settings to review after a new site becomes live.

My Theme > Settings

  • Enable Google Analytics
  • Set favicon

Settings > General

  • Site name and tagline.
  • Email address.
  • Open registration?
  • Time zone.

Settings > Reading

  • Search engine visibility! Turn the checkbox off!
  • Quick check the other settings. They are probably right.

Settings > Discussion

  • Review all of these.

Settings > iThemes Licensing

  • Make sure your plugins and themes are licensed.

Settings > Floating Social Bar

  • Configure the social media items for this site.

SEO > Dashboard

  • Check, maybe set, Webmaster Tools settings. At least Google.

SEO > Titles & Metas

  • Check the settings on each of the tabs. Defaults are usually OK to start with.

SEO > Social

  • {{Add info here someday. I don’t know enough to have an opinion yet.}}

SEO > XML Sitemaps

  • Check the box to enable XML sitemap functionality.

SEO > Permalinks

  • Probably check the “Remove stop words from slugs.” That might have been done on the dev site already.

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