Do it yourself

{Under construction, December 2013. Don’t trust the details on this page.}

“Do it yourself” (aka DIY) customers want to do most of the work on their web presence. They are not ready to outsource the work on their sites. Some are startups or very small businesses that don’t yet have the profitability and cash flow to support a premium, “done for you” approach.

If this describes you, you probably want guidance, training, and assistance to help you get going quickly. Yes, you could shop for hosting providers, learn about tools and techniques that you can use to build your site, and learn about all the available services that will help make your site profitable. But there’s LOTS to learn. And you don’t have time to learn all about before starting to make money with your site.

Our DIY services are designed to:

  • Get you up and running quickly
  • Enable you to create and change content on your site without help from a “web guy”
  • Help you select and integrate web services that are required if your site is going to make money
  • Enable your site to scale up as your business develops

We give you a roadmap that works. We take the guess-work out of selecting important components of your web presence. We help you focus on your business, not on technical decisions about internet technologies.