Automatic WordPress upgrades

Starting with version 3.7 of WordPress, the standard install includes a feature to automatically upgrade WordPress for third level changes. That is, if you’re running version 3.7.1 and WordPress releases 3.7.2, WordPress will automatically upgrade. It will not automatically upgrade to 3.8. There is a way to turn off the automatic upgrade. I recommend that you leave the automatic upgrade…

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Info for clients of Expert Web Support

During 2013, Jaime and I have been copying info from other sources to the Expert Web Support website. I think we now have enough worth-while content to start promoting the site to customers. This article summarizes the current state of the site as of December 2013.

Policy on backups

BackupBuddy is a comprehensive backup, restore, and migration tool. We provide BackupBuddy to all of our customers because we believe that every site requires a regular backup schedule. This page describes our policy on backups.

Policy on WordPress, Theme, and Plugin updates

XWS provides a manual update service for our “Done for you” clients. Optionally, we provide the same service for some of our “Do it yourself” clients. This page describes our policies and procedures.

Turn your WordPress site into a Membership site

The folks at WordPress Wishlist have just released their Wishlist Member product. It’s a cool plugin for WordPress that adds membership features to your WordPress website. If you want to make some of your site public and some private, or want to make some content free and some available only to subscribers, or have more than one level of subscriber,…

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