Welcome to Expert Web Support. We provide one-stop web marketing and support to entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, SOHO, and small businesses. We deliver an effective web presence so that you can concentrate on your business, not on web technology.

We serve three distinct markets:

  • The “Done for you” crowd
  • The “Do it yourself” crowd
  • The “Web Wizards” crowd

Web Hosting

Assisting you in your web marketing endeavors requires web hosting.   There are many web hosting services and products available to you on the internet and each comes with their own support levels, pricing and limits.  We have researched what’s available in web hosting products and created a highly competitive suite to offer our clients.

We bundle these products in the Done For You and Install & Go products and offer continuing web hosting products and services long after your web marketing needs have been satisfied.

Or, you may choose to start with basic web hosting products.  What separates us from other web hosting companies is our web marketing expertise.  So when you need that extra web presence push you have expertise readily available for you to tap into with no transitional expenses.

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Done for you

This is our premium service; we call it D4U for short. D4U customers have a thriving business. They want a professional web presence, and they want to outsource most of the work to develop and maintain it. Moreover, they do not want to manage a network of freelance web developers who will do it for them. They want to spend most of their time working on their business, not on adding features and functions to their websites. They do, however, want to use the web to enhance their business. They are willing to pay for web services that help their business grow.

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Do it yourself

“Do it yourself” (aka DIY) customers want to do most of the work on their web presence. They are not ready to outsource the work on their sites. Some are startups or very small businesses that don’t yet have the profitability and cash flow to support a D4U approach. Some DIY customers have someone involved with the business who has some experience in web technology and interest in developing additional skills. Even though they want to do most of the work in house, they want training, guidance, and sometimes assistance with their web projects.

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Web Wizards

Web Wizards are professional web developers. They come to us for two reasons: to provide services to our customers, and to expand and deepen their expertise with web technologies. Many of these people have thriving consulting or contracting businesses. They come to us to reach new customers or to learn new technologies. Some prefer working with customers and doing the technical work instead of spending time marketing and selling their services.

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