I am not getting comment notifications from WordPress. Why?

Customers sometimes have problems associated with comment notifications from WordPress. That is, they have comments turned on, and they have their settings configured to send email when a new comment appears. But they don’t get the email. And it might not be only comment notifications that don’t get through. Other WordPress notifications, such as new user registration, or password lost…

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What do I do about warning messages that say my email has been delayed or is undeliverable?

Some customers are getting warning messages about delayed or undeliverable email. Here’s a short explanation of what is happening. Example Here’s an example message sent by one of my customers. Info in {} brackets have been deleted to protect the identity of the message. Subject: Warning: message 1X4uTU-0001z5-E3 delayed 48 hours This message was created automatically by mail delivery software….

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How to Choose a WordPress Plugin

The guys at wpbeginner have a good checklist for choosing a WordPress plugin.

Automatic WordPress upgrades

Starting with version 3.7 of WordPress, the standard install includes a feature to automatically upgrade WordPress for third level changes. That is, if you’re running version 3.7.1 and WordPress releases 3.7.2, WordPress will automatically upgrade. It will not automatically upgrade to 3.8. There is a way to turn off the automatic upgrade. I recommend that you leave the automatic upgrade…

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Asepco Mixer Wizard

The Asepco Mixer Wizard is a custom application created by Expert Support for Asepco. Version History Version 1.0 was a javascript app created by Denny Brown. It was embedded in a static HTML site that Asepco was running at the time. (Dates?) Version 1.1 was an update to the original executed by Kennan Rossi. Changes included updates t the algorithm…

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How do I review or change what’s behind a short code?

It depends on how the short code was defined. Many plugins create short codes to display their content. Then you just put the short code somewhere on your site. If it’s defined by the plugin, you would have to read the plugin code to see what’s going on. The name of the shortcode (i.e. the first thing after the […

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Howto: Configure settings on a new live site

See also “Howto: Take a dev site live”. Dev sites are usually configured to be less visible than a live site should be. This article provides a checklist of settings to review after a new site becomes live. My Theme > Settings Enable Google Analytics Set favicon Settings > General Site name and tagline. Email address. Open registration? Time zone….

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How to Add Events to The Events Calendar Plugin

The Events Calendar plugin by Modern Tribe makes it really easy to create, add, and manage events on a web calendar. Adding a new event is very similar to adding a new post. After installing the plugin, you should see a new menu item, under Posts, in the left sidebar in the backend of your site. Click Events. Near the top…

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Info for clients of Expert Web Support

During 2013, Jaime and I have been copying info from other sources to the Expert Web Support website. I think we now have enough worth-while content to start promoting the site to customers. This article summarizes the current state of the site as of December 2013.

Policy on backups

BackupBuddy is a comprehensive backup, restore, and migration tool. We provide BackupBuddy to all of our customers because we believe that every site requires a regular backup schedule. This page describes our policy on backups.