Graphic Design

{Under construction, December 2013. Don’t trust the details on this page.}

We offer three different custom design options based on your needs, how much effort you are willing to put into the process, and your budget.

  • Look-alike Design
  • Standard Design
  • High-end Custom Web Design

Look-alike Design – (aka Custom Design from Sample)

This is the low-budget choice. When you sift through the sites out on the web, sometimes you come across a site that looks great and you might think – “If I just had a site like that …”. Or  “I like the look of that site … ”

Look-alike Design is for you if you are willing to take the time to find a site that with just a few modifications (such as changing colors, photos, logo) is just exactly what you want. We take that design concept and create a custom design for you based on it (without violating anyone’s copyright). You get to review the site and make one round of final design changes and we implement the design on your site.

Because you come to us with an extremely clear concept of what you want, we do less work, we charge you less money, and everyone’s happy.

Standard Design (aka Custom Design From Scratch)

Let’s say you want a custom design – something stunning and unique to your business and brand – and still fairly simple. Using our proprietary “Web Design Inquiry” process we find out what you want in a website (secrets that you yourself might not have known about your website preferences), and combine it with the latest research in what makes a website successful to create a simple design that you love and that best represents your company on the web. You get 3 revisions of the initial design, then get to see it live and ready for your content and photos.

Standard Design is for you if you want to participate in the design process, and don’t have a clear idea about what you want. Since we have to do more work to determine what you want, the price is higher than with Look-alike Design.

High-end Custom Web Design

Sometimes a simple site won’t do – you need to compete with the big boys – you need something that really makes a statement. You need something complex. We do take a limited number of high-end custom web design clients. You would work directly with our lead art director and designers to create a look that stands out from the crowd and sets you apart. Cost is variable based on needs – for a full website it generally starts at $10,000.