Skype for training and support

We use Skype to deliver training and support to our customers.

Skype is free when used to connect two Skype users. This way neither you nor we must pay long distance phone fees. Skype also enables us to share our screen so that you can watch us show you how to do something. It enables you to share your screen so we can see what might be going wrong on yours.

By using Skype, we keep our overhead down, which keeps our prices reasonable.

What do you need to do to begin using Skype?

  1. Download the software.
    Go to Skype’s home page. There is a download link on that page.
    Follow the directions to install and start Skype.
  2. Create a free Skype user account.
    You will choose a username and password. You may provide more information about yourself, or keep most information empty or private.

If your computer has a working microphone and speakers or headphones, you can begin using Skype right away. If not, you need to decide if it’s worth your while to add whatever is missing to your setup. There are relatively cheap headsets available if your computer doesn’t have a mic.

If you don’t want to use Skype for voice, you may use the telephone and pay whatever phone fees apply to calling us. We’ll still use Skype for screen sharing.