How to get started using WordPress

Let’s assume that you have installed WordPress, Builder, and a Builder Child theme. We strongly recommend that the next thing to do is to start adding content to the site. Resist the urge to mess around with the design elements of your site or the navigation details of your site. Create some content first!

Howto configure a new starter site

You have installed a new site. Here’s a list of things that you should do right away.

Howto license iThemes plugins and themes

This how to has gotten lots simpler in late 2013. A while ago, you had to license each iThemes component (theme, plugin) separately. Now you can do it all at once. Go to Settings > iThemes licensing You may see two sections: Licensed Products and Unlicensed Products. If you don’t see Unlicensed Products, you’re done. License all of the unlicensed…

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Chico Student Sites Fall 2014

This is a list of sites created by students in the Entrereneurship Practicum in Fall, 2014. {{Someday, remove the MS Word styling from this table to make it simpler.}}

Howto: Reset a Mac OS X password

See this doc from Apple Support Community: Restart holding down the option key is another way to get started. Then navigate to Recovery, and Terminal as indicated in the article. I got this from Matt Rice of TT2Go. If it doesn’t work, ask Matt again.

How to install the “Starter Site”

To make it easier to bring up a new site, we have created a “starter site” that contains a standard set of themes, plugins, and configuration settings that make it easier for newbies to get started. The Starter Site gets you up and running quickly.

How to install WordPress manually

iThemes has published a nice ebook called “How-to Install WordPress Manually: Securing and de-bloating WordPress”. It contains a short section on why  you want to do this. Short version: better security of your site better control over exactly what gets installed It also starts by telling you how to create your own database.

How to create and manage a Mailchimp account

This is a rough draft. Please make suggestions for improvement by leaving a comment. Or, if you have credentials that allow you to edit this, go ahead. Sign up for a free Mailchimp account. Go to mailchimp. Click on the Sign up for free account. Fill in the form. Mailchimp will send you an email asking you to confirm that…

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Short code, widget content, and social plugins

There is often an interaction between social plugins and short codes and/or widget content entries whereby the social plugin adds its array of social buttons in a location where it is not wanted. This entry talks about how to prevent this from happening. Background For a long time, there were two types of entry: post and page. Recently, WordPress has…

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Admin settings for reducing Spam in Moodle

Start with the article in docs: Add more ideas here…