How to Add Events to The Events Calendar Plugin

Author: Jaime Piña Last modified on: January 25, 2014 2:40 pm
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The Events Calendar plugin by Modern Tribe makes it really easy to create, add, and manage events on a web calendar. Adding a new event is very similar to adding a new post.

After installing the plugin, you should see a new menu item, under Posts, in the left sidebar in the backend of your site. Click Events. Near the top there should be two buttons, “Add New” which takes you to the event editor, and “View Calendar”, which takes you to the calendar page on the frontend of the site. Click Add New.

The event editor should look a lot like the regular post editor. You have a title bar, where you can enter the name of your event, and a text area, where you can enter a description of your event. The event title will be visible when a visitor looks at the calendar page. Hovering over an event title will generate a popup where the event title and event description will be visible.

Below the event description text area, there should be various headings indicating different details about the event, such as time and date, location, organizer, website, and cost information. All of the information for these headings is optional. You can provide as much or as little information as you want.

All the fields, like time, date, address, etc, are pretty self explanatory, however one cool feature is the ability to save past locations. When adding the location details, you can select a previous location from the “Use Saved Venue” drop down menu. You can also enter a new location by filling in the event’s details below that drop down menu. New locations will automatically be saved and available for the next event you create.

After filling in the event details, you can tag the event just like a regular post and you can also organize it under a category, again just like regular posts. Organizing events into categories will allow visitor to focus on a specific type of event when viewing the calendar. The default calendar view shows all of the events from all of the categories.

Finally, you can press the “Publish” button near the top of the page and your event should now be visible on the calendar page.

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