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Author: Denny Brown Last modified on: December 27, 2013 1:10 pm
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During 2013, Jaime and I have been copying info from other sources to the Expert Web Support website. I think we now have enough worth-while content to start promoting the site to customers. This article summarizes the current state of the site as of December 2013.

The site includes marketing information and technical support resources.


If you are a client already, you can safely ignore the marketing portion of the site. The marketing portion of the site includes:

Most of the marketing information is a few years old and reflects thinking that is out of date. We’ll get around to updating that stuff some time… maybe.

Technical support

Meanwhile, we hope that the technical support resources will be useful to current clients. Right now, there is quite a bit of information there already and more on the way. My plan is to use the site to answer your questions instead of simply answering via email. Many times, the answers are useful to other clients. The technical support portion of the site includes:

  • Customers and all of its child pages
  • News – An archive page containing the most recent public articles in any of the child categories
    • Announcements –  About the site itself
    • Policies – Working policies and procedures of interest to clients
    • HowTo – How to accomplish some task. Usually related to WordPress, but sometimes we include miscellaneous other nuggets.
    • Questions and answers – Somebody asked us this question; we attempt to answer it here.
    • Opinions – Lots of time, we have opinions on tools, plugins, best practices, and the like.
  • Sandboxes – We often install a sandbox site to enable experimenting with some software. These come and go, depending on whether we think they are useful. Feel free to explore. We often open these up for you to use. Contact support at XWS if you want access.
  • Contact us –  useful to both marketing and technical support audiences

An individual article might appear in more than one of these categories. “HowTo” and “Questions and answers” might have so much overlap that we get rid of one of them someday.


We are migrating content from other sources to this site. Some of that content might have confidential or sensitive client info embedded. Some of the content is quite technical and might be confusing to clients without a programming background. We have put that content into the “Private” category. To see that stuff, you must be registered, logged in, and have appropriate privileges. As usual, contact support at XWS if you want access to any of the info that is currently private. We might give you credentials and privileges, or we might make the content public.


The Bonepile section of the site contains stuff that is no longer relevant. I keep it around “just in case I need it” because I hate redoing work that I did before. Or maybe because I’m a pack-rat. If I did it right, it’s marked private so you can’t get at it.


In the heading area at the upper right of the page is a search box. Use it to search the site for something that you’ve seen before or for something that you want to see. The category pages in the News section are organized chronologically, with the most recent articles at the top. If you’re looking for something that isn’t recent, search will probably be more useful. If you can’t find something, contact support at XWS and we’ll help you find it, or maybe we’ll create it for you.

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