Howto: Show excerpts on posts page?

Author: Denny Brown Last modified on: December 26, 2013 5:16 pm
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Q: How do I show only excerpts on a posts page? I don’t want to show the entire post.

A: (for users who don’t want to mess with their themes) You have two choices:

  • Add a “more” tag in the editor on each post for which you want to use only the excerpt. Place the “more” tag after content that you want to appear as a teaser, and before the content that you want to exclude from the teaser.
  • In some themes, you can create an explicit excerpt and that will be used as the teaser.

A: (for users who want to mess with their themes)

  • For Builder sites, you can use LoopBuddy to define exactly what goes on archive pages.
  • For any theme, including builder, you can change the php code in your theme to use “the_excerpt()” instead of “the_content()”.




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